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Brantford Chiropractic We Can Help

Naturally, chiropractic helps traditional neck and back problems, but chiropractic has also produced wonderful results with a variety of other health problems, such as headaches, migraines, and shoulder pain.

Low back pain

Chiropractic… because of its focus on the integrity of the nervous system to properly control and regulate your body, can help just about anyone, regardless of their age.

Our Brantford chiropractic office uses techniques that help our patients enjoy the fastest results in the shortest amount of time. As a Brantford chiropractor there are certain health conditions we especially enjoy helping. For us, our most rewarding cases involve…

Breech Baby

Dr. Osborn is trained and certified in the Webster Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. The Webster technique is a gentle and very effective technique that balances a pregnant woman’s pelvis and releases trigger points to provide the physiological space for the baby to assume the normal head down (or vertex) position. It is recommended that women receive chiropractic care from the beginning of pregnancy (or even better, prior to conception) to allow for optimal function and allow for optimal baby position.

Colicky/Fussy Baby

At our Brantford Chiropractic office we believe Chiropractic for a colicky baby will positively change the lives of the entire family! It is a stressful time for both parents and baby and we recommend both getting checked by the chiropractor. We use a very gentle adjustment restoring proper spinal and nerve system balance. We have helped countless families with great results for colic!

Pregnancy Aches & Pains

Pregnancy is a joyful time and we want women to feel great physically and function optimally as the body adapts to the postural changes of the growing baby! Chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe, gentle, and effective. Dr. Osborn has special interest and training in care of women during pregnancy. While chiropractic care will help with the aches and pains during pregnancy, what is of paramount importance is that the woman’s body is functioning optimally well. Chiropractic care helps with proper spinal alignment, proper nerve system function, and proper movement and alignment of the pelvis and muscles allowing for a safer and easier delivery!

Childhood Ailments

Chiropractic care helps tremendously with childhood ailments including:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Bedwetting
  • ADHD
  • Ear Infections

While Chiropractic care does help it is important to remember is that chiropractic does not “treat” symptoms. How chiropractic helps with these childhood health conditions is by restoring proper function so the brain and body communicate properly, allowing for the body to heal and function naturally. If the brain and the body are not functioning at 100%, then symptoms may result. Children’s bodies respond well and relatively quickly to chiropractic care. It allows the immune system to function at its fullest potential and parents who have their children adjusted regularly often report how much healthier they are. It is Dr. Osborn’s passion in chiropractic to help children be optimally healthy!

Call our Brantford chiropractic office to make an appointment, so we can help you and your family!


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