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Whole Body Health : Your Second Visit

Your Report and Chiropractic Education

Woman consultationFirst, you will be greeted by one of our fantastic chiropractic assistants. You will first be taken to watch a very informative seven (7) minute video. We have found that when people understand what is going on with their body they will get well faster, stay well longer, spending less time and money. Education is a hallmark of our office.

Next, our chiropractic assistant will review the results of your computerized assessment. Then you will see who will explain the cause of your problem in detail, review your x-ray findings (if taken), and tie in how this relates to your computerized assessment. We will also discuss your customized schedule of care and any home recommendations. It is important for optimal results to follow the Doctors recommendations and instructions. Any deviation will delay progress and you may not get the results that you expect. When all questions are answered and you are ready to start your chiropractic care, our Doctors of Chiropractic will explain exactly what will happen and how she is going to adjust you. There are no surprises. People who are nervous or skeptical with chiropractic care have always been very pleased with the thoroughness of the explanation and feel very comfortable and at ease.

Our Chiropractic Adjusting Techniques

In our office we use 3 types of adjustments:

  • We may use our hands to adjust
  • We may use the table to assist us in adjusting
  • We may use a low force technique or adjusting instrument.

All techniques are equally effective and have the same underlying intent – to correct the subluxation (nerve interference) allowing the body to heal and function at its optimal potential. It is usually based on the Doctors professional opinion and patient preference as to which technique is used. If you have any questions, concerns or preference, please speak to our Doctors of Chiropractic.

After the first adjustment you can expect to feel one of three things:

  • A big pressure has been relieved, finding it easier to move and breathe
  • No change
  • You may feel like I’ve been touching a bruise

Either way, it’s a normal part of the healing process. Lastly, you will meet with the front desk assistant and she will schedule you appointments for you based on the Doctor’s recommendations. Your second visit will be approximately 45 minutes.

Regular Visits With Our Chiropractors

Female chiropractor adjusting patient
On your regular office visits our team will greet you as always, with a warm and
friendly smile. A typical office visit will only take 5 to 10 minutes. To ensure you get the time that works for you, we recommend pre-scheduling as peak times fill up quickly.

Your Adjustment

When it is your turn to be adjusted, you will be sent down to your table. The Doctor will then assess you to determine any changes or progress since your last visit and specifically where you need to be adjusted that day. Chiropractic is a process and each adjustment builds on the prior. Your body continues healing and changing with each adjustment.

After your Adjustment

After your adjustment, your Doctor will check you again to ensure everything is well adjusted, make any home care recommendations and let you know a little more about how to live the wellness lifestyle.

High Quality Chiropractic Care for the Family

Our office is unique and we always serve members of our practice with the highest quality chiropractic care! Please ask about our Family Plans and payment packages. Our goal is to make chiropractic care affordable for you and your whole family!

Our goal is to inspire you to live a life of health & wellness!

If you think that you or a loved one is a good candidate for chiropractic care, contact Whole Body Health to arrange a thorough examination in our practice.



Educating, empowering and inspiring the residents of Brantford, Paris,
St George, Six Nations and Waterford to live the wellness lifestyle.