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Patient Reviews

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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Whole Body Health patient testimonials below and please
email me or contact our office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,

Dr Shaelyn Osborn

  • I’ve had a great experience right from the beginning. From the administrative staff right through to seeing the Doctor, I found everyone to be extremely friendly, helpful and thorough. Definitely would recommend.
  • From the receptionist to the doctor, everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable. You have a great team! I will definitely recommend your team!
    -D. C.
  • Great first experience!!! Looking forward to going back and hoping I can get my issues resolved
  • Was surprised at the level of detail during my consultation after my results. The knowledge was great. I came in with some skepticism and shortly was provided many facts and made to feel confident and comfortable.
  • All the staff were very friendly, making for a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. The initial assessment was quite informative and well explained and they were very understanding and respectful of my current financial situation, so no pushy sales tactics or pressure to move forward with a treatment plan until I’m ready.
    -K. G.
  •  I am so happy with Whole Body Health. From the moment you walk into the office, you are made to feel very
    comfortable. Very friendly, caring and efficient!!! Dr. Tanya is wonderful!!!!!
    -S. N.
  • Never been to a chiropractor before and everyone has made it a wonderful experience. I am really feeling a difference in my posture and wellbeing. Thank you!
  • Michelle is fantastic. Fixed a ten year hip pain in one visit!
  • I will continue having regular adjustments so that I will feel as healthy and fit as I can be for the rest of my life!
  • I appreciate the way you treat everyone with compassion. This creates a safe positive vibe that aids in the healing process!
  • Overall, it was a wonderful experience!

Thank you so much! I’m already experiencing lessened headaches, better posture and I haven’t had an episode of sciatica for two weeks! I’m so thankful that my daughter told me about Dr. Tanya.

- S.L.

I appreciate the understanding that I was given. I was made to feel comfortable and welcome and understood. I appreciate the detailed explanations given and leave each visit feeling encouraged and hopeful for a full recovery.

- K.H.

I have been to several chiropractors over the 20 years I have had issues. Dr. Osborne and her staff are by far the most professional, friendly and helpful people I have seen. Thank you Dr. Osborne, Sharon and Sharron for making a doctor’s office enjoyable.

- T.G.

I am looking forward to seeing how chiropractic care can help to alleviate some of my aches and pains. I have always been nervous about the idea of chiropractic care, however I feel very comfortable after the initial check in. Thank you!

- S.P.

I was apprehensive at first as I had a whiplash injury many years ago and have been reluctant to let anyone touch my neck ever since. Boy was I misinformed about chiropractic care and what is involved. The scan revealed issues not only in my neck but also my lower lumbar area. These problems might never have come to light if it not for going to Whole Body Health and the x-rays confirmed those findings. Amazing!

Dr. Osborne and her staff are so gentle, caring and engaging right from the start. I am so glad that I found them. I have started my “journey” to better overall health and have seen results in less than two weeks.
- G.R.

Everyone I’ve met has been helpful, friendly and most welcoming. I appreciate that I am feeling much better than I was when I first walked through the door. The costs associated with chiropractic and acupuncture do not come cheap but the results are definitely worth it and aren’t you worth it too?
- S.B.

The entire team is very engaging and genuinely interested in your health. Always trying to accommodate your calendar with theirs. Positive and upbeat atmosphere. Very professional environment.

- B.K.

Felt very comfortable from the moment that I walked in to see about making an appointment. Staff did what they could to make sure that I was able to get in quickly as I was suffering from hip and lower back pain. Dr Tanya who I was told to ask for was on holidays so I saw two replacements who helped me to be able to move without pain. Normally I can’t go more than 6 weeks without having a massage to prevent neck pain, haven’t had a massage for 10 weeks now. They treat the whole spine not just the area that is causing the pain. So happy with the treatment that I have convinced my husband to give it a try and have discussed it with my coworkers. Highly recommend treatments to prevent issues later, think of it as preventative maintenance for your body, :)

- S.A.

I started coming to see the chiropractor at the recommendation of my family medical doctor due to lower back pain from my nursing profession. Initially time was spent dealing directly with the lower back issue however at each ongoing visit other health problems seemed to start to resolve or become less problematic such as reduced colds, increased energy, and less pain.
Read More of K’s Story

My son has seen a chiropractor since he was one week old. My daughter was a little older. They have been very healthy – with very limited ear infections or upper respiratory infections or asthma and I relate it back to their regular chiropractic treatments. When they do become ill, they are not as sick which makes my life a whole lot easier on the home front. Less missed days at school too – though I think at times they would like to have more!

We introduced D.H. to recently. He was assessed and scanned and has followed through with her recommendations. He feels more relaxed and energized now too. We have accessed many of the other services that are offered, including massage therapy, children’s programs, evening interest courses, newsletters, emails, as well as purchasing products.

Everybody here is great!

- K.W.

I learned about chiropractic care quite by accident. I was in a fruit market talking with a friendly store clerk discussing childhood ailments. My youngest was only a few months old and as with my other 3 children was colicky. She related to me how her mother had taken her to a chiropractor for the very same reason when she was an infant. I couldn’t imagine anyone letting someone “mess” with an infant’s spine. I talked to friends who had taken their children as babies and never heard a negative comment. So after searching the yellow pages I decided to call. The person on the other end was cheerful and very helpful. The appointment was set up and has continued regularly now for 8 years. Read More of C’s Story

I brought my older children in for various reasons and then finally after all this time decided that I should get adjusted too. You see for the last few years getting out of bed was very painful. I felt like I was 80 instead of 40 something – even after seeing all the benefits of chiropractic care for my children from colic to ear infections and various things in between I didn’t think it would be of benefit to me as an adult. Was I wrong!!!Now most days I get up and can straighten up totally pain-free. I can easily work in my garden and walk up and down stairs without my knees screaming at me. I have learned to not just listen to my body but pay attention as well. I notice my children now asking when is our next appointment. My youngest daughter had to miss a regular appointment and couldn’t wait for an adjustment.

You can be sure that I recommend chiropractic care to others and wonder why I waited so long to start for myself. It is always a pleasure to visit this clinic. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing. The staff is terrific people always ready with a kind word and a friendly smile and helpful advice – best of all a positive attitude! Life is a precious gift. Taking care of my health and that of my family is just one more way that I can show my appreciation for this gift and chiropractic care is a part of looking after me and my family. It enables me to do the other things in life that I enjoy so much.

- C.D.

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