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Patient Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Whole Body Health patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health
Dr Shaelyn Osborn

Very impressed with my first visit to Whole Body Health. The staff are fantastic and recognized me by name on my second visit, which certainly speaks to world class customer service. After struggling with back issues for years, I finally feel hopeful and am seeing results. Sean P.

I was apprehensive at first as I had a whiplash injury many years ago and have been reluctant to let anyone touch my neck ever since. Boy was I misinformed about Chiropractic Care and what is involved. The scan revealed issues not only in my neck but also my lower lumbar area. These problems might never have come to light if it not for going to Whole Body Health and the x-rays confirmed those findings. Amazing !

Dr. Osborne and her staff are so gentle, caring and engaging right from the start. I am so glad that I found them. I have started my “journey” to better overall health and have seen results in less than two weeks. -Geoff R.

Super friendly staff who explain everything very well. Highly recommend! -Bowen D.

Everyone I’ve met at Whole Body Health has been helpful, friendly and most welcoming. I appreciate that I am feeling much better than I was when I first walked through the door. The costs associated with chiropractic and acupuncture do not come cheap but the results are definitely worth it and aren’t you worth it too? -Shirley B.

Very well explained about any procedure and always asking about pain level. Thoughtfulness was much appreciated. -David L.

The entire team is very engaging and genuinely interested in your health. Always trying to accommodate your calendar with theirs. Positive and upbeat atmosphere. Very professional environment. Barry K.

Great friendly place all the staff are helpful. Dr Tanya helped my pain from 1st visit could not believe I got help so fast. Would definitely recommend going there. -Margaret W.

Although it has been three years since I have been to your office, I was greeted as if I had been there yesterday. How nice! -Dianne I.

I was very pleased with the professionalism of everyone I met. -Beverley P.

I have been to several chiropractors over the 20 years I have had issues. Dr. Osborne and her staff are by far the most professional, friendly and helpful people I have seen. Thank you Dr. Osborne, Sharon and Sharron for making a doctor’s office enjoyable. – Tyker G.

From the receptionist to the doctor, everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable. You have a great team! I will definitely recommend your team! Debbie C.

I particularly appreciate the way the staff is understanding and encouraging of my young children. It can be nerve-wracking to take a toddler and preschooler to appointments, but the staff made the experience painless and anxiety-free! – Sara D.

I am very happy with the care that Austin received. It has made a huge improvement in his walking and he loves coming for a visit. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and we were given so much useful information. – Austin’s Parent

The treatments I have gotten have decreased my migraines so much!! – Wendy S.

I couldnt have picked a better place to receive the care I’m in need of. Thank you to the entire team at Whole Body Health. You guys rock!! – Christopher C.

I used to attend Whole Body Health for adjustments 15 years ago but circumstances caused me to have adjustments elsewhere….I am so glad that I have come back to Whole Body Health. After just a couple of visits I can feel the positive energy, the high level of caring, and the high level of chiropractic skill at Whole Body Health….thank you Dr Osborn and staff. Freda G.

So very impressed with everyone at Whole Body Health. The doctors are amazing and the entire office staff is friendly and cheerful at all times. And, they even babysit for the Moms who are getting adjusted. Pretty good service, I’d say. – Sharon A.

I am looking forward to seeing how chiropractic care can help to alleviate some of my aches and pains. I have always been nervous about the idea of chiropractic care, however I feel very comfortable after the initial check in. Thank you! – Stephen P.

I appreciate the understanding that I was given. I was made to feel comfortable and welcome and understood. I appreciate the detailed explanations given and leave each visit feeling encouraged and hopeful for a full recovery. -Kim H.

Everyone was very pleasant, efficient and accommodating! Genuine also comes to mind! -Hazel M.

Love this practitioner and the front office staff. Always polite and extremely helpful. Susan B.

Great technique. I felt great after my treatment.-Dave R.

The best care is always received when I come in for my visit! -Tammy E.

Your facility is ran with very friendly employees, from the time I arrive to the time I leave.
Thank you. -Sandy N.

All staff are very professional, welcoming and informative. I enjoyed the experience very much and look forward to achieving significant health benefits. -Neil M.

You have helped me more than you know. I still have some difficulties, but nothing like when I started. I can honestly say that the pain I was experiencing has gone away and I can now do things I couldn’t do before. I would recommend your services to anyone who will listen! Everyone is so helpful and happy and willing to listen. Keep up the good work! R.B.

Felt very comfortable from the moment that I walked in to see about making an appointment. Staff did what they could to make sure that I was able to get in quickly as I was suffering from hip and lower back pain. Dr Tanya who I was told to ask for was on holidays so I saw two replacements who helped me to be able to move without pain. Normally I can’t go more than 6 weeks without having a massage to prevent neck pain, haven’t had a massage for 10 weeks now. They treat the whole spine not just the area that is causing the pain. So happy with the treatment that I have convinced my husband to give it a try and have discussed it with my coworkers. Highly recommend treatments to prevent issues later, think of it as preventative maintenance for your body, :)


I started coming to see the chiropractor at the recommendation of my family medical doctor due to lower back pain from my nursing profession. Initially time was spent dealing directly with the lower back issue however at each ongoing visit other health problems seemed to start to resolve or become less problematic such as reduced colds, increased energy, and less pain.
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My son has seen a chiropractor since he was one week old. My daughter was a little older. They have been very healthy – with very limited ear infections or upper respiratory infections or asthma and I relate it back to their regular chiropractic treatments. When they do become ill, they are not as sick which makes my life a whole lot easier on the home front. Less missed days at school too – though I think at times they would like to have more!

We introduced D.H. to recently. He was assessed and scanned and has followed through with her recommendations. He feels more relaxed and energized now too. We have accessed many of the other services that are offered, including massage therapy, children’s programs, evening interest courses, newsletters, emails, as well as purchasing products.

Everybody at here is great!

K.W. – Brantford

I like going to the chiropractor because I go in stiff and come out fresh!
B.W. – age 10

I enjoy going to the chiropractor because it empties my mind for a new week!
C.W. – age 7

I learned about chiropractic care quite by accident. I was in a fruit market talking with a friendly store clerk discussing childhood ailments. My youngest was only a few months old and as with my other 3 children was colicky. She related to me how her mother had taken her to a chiropractor for the very same reason when she was an infant. I couldn’t imagine anyone letting someone “mess” with an infant’s spine. I talked to friends who had taken their children as babies and never heard a negative comment. So after searching the yellow pages I decided to call. The person on the other end was cheerful and very helpful. The appointment was set up and has continued regularly now for 8 years. Read More

I brought my older children in for various reasons and then finally after all this time decided that I should get adjusted too. You see for the last few years getting out of bed was very painful. I felt like I was 80 instead of 40 something – even after seeing all the benefits of chiropractic care for my children from colic to ear infections and various things in between I didn’t think it would be of benefit to me as an adult. Was I wrong!!!Now most days I get up and can straighten up totally pain free. I can easily work in my garden and walk up and down stairs without my knees screaming at me. I have learned to not just listen to my body but pay attention as well. I notice my children now asking when is our next appointment. My youngest daughter had to miss a regular appointment and couldn’t wait for an adjustment.

You can be sure that I recommend chiropractic care to others and wonder why I waited so long to start for myself. It is always a pleasure to visit this clinic. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing. The staff is terrific people always ready with a kind word and a friendly smile and helpful advice – best of all a positive attitude! Life is a precious gift. Taking care of my health and that of my family is just one more way that I can show my appreciation for this gift and chiropractic care is a part of looking after me and my family. It enables me to do the other things in life that I enjoy so much.


Our family loves our chiropractor. It is always so nice to see their smiling faces for our adjustments and advice. When I came in for my first adjustment years ago, my back hurt incessantly and it was difficult and painful to complete even the most simple tasks. With their help today I feel fantastic!

My sons have also reaped the benefits of regular chiropractic visits. Even before they were born visiting here was beneficial, especially to J. – he was breach and thanks to you and the Webster technique, he turned. With all the tumbles and trials of infancy and toddler hood it is reassuring to D. and I to have their spines checked and adjusted by a professional. We visit the chiropractor to maintain wellness.
T.C. – Brantford

I will continue having regular adjustments so that I will feel as healthy and fit as I can be for the rest of my life!
C.C. – Brantford

I have been a patient for 3 years. When I first became a patient I was having a lot of trouble with frequent headaches, stiffness, lower backaches, and trouble with one of my hips. I have always had trouble with my lower back, however it was made worse as a result of a car accident where my care was rear ended by a lady while going through a car wash…yes, a car wash. Both my car and my back really felt the impact of that, and it was at that time that my cousin referred me. Read More

At first my adjustments were 2 to 3 times per week, however I now am seen once a week, and can say that the results have been wonderful. My headaches have basically vanished and my lower back and hip have greatly improved.

When coming into the clinic, you are always greeted by warm friendly smiles from the chiropractic assistants who do a fabulous job keeping everything running smoothly in the office. I always promote chiropractic care and recommend Whole Body Health to anyone who is looking to improve his or her well being.

M.K. – Brantford

It was in January several years ago when my life changed. I worked in a packaging plant in Brantford. I always said to the people who worked with me, “Watch out for that guard.” I didn’t trust it because there were so many near misses. I was ready to take my next roll off the machine when all at once the guard fell, and unfortunately it had fallen on my head. Yes folks, I had sustained a head injury.Read More

I was out of it for 3 months and was in a daze for about 9 months and then realized that I had a family. I just knew I had to get better quickly. It was a great struggle for about 2 years going to physiotherapy, and seeing some results until it was recommended that I go and see a chiropractor. Ever since then my life has skyrocketed! At that time I had crutches and the worst was the continual migraines. Since my first couple of adjustments I could feel the relief from the migraines that I had not experienced since my accident. In one year I went from crutches to 2 canes to 1 cane. Then I progressed to no cane 6 months later.

I cannot be thankful enough for the care I have received and the knowledge that I have learned by attending this wonderful facility. Personally, chiropractic care is the only thing that can actually help you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Everyone here in the office has a role to play and let me tell you they play it well. There is a lot of love in this place and I am proud to say that I am a part of it. Whatever your concern is, you can always bring it to Whole Body Health. Thank you so much!

B.V. – Brantford

Years ago the word chiropractor was not in my vocabulary. It was a profession that I associated with hocus pocus and malarkey. Oh how much I had to learn!!! I sat with my colicky baby in my medical doctor’s office. I was frustrated, exhausted and hopeless. I thought for sure valium would help one of us! The medical doctor said no, prescription drugs were not the answer and suggested we see the chiropractor. I thought my medical doctor had lost her marbles. Take my 2 month old baby to the chiropractor, are you crazy???
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Well, being a worn out and desperate parent I said I would call. I phoned and a friendly voice asked if I could come in now. I said okay with much trepidation. I arrived to the clinic and the road to learning began. I was overwhelmed by compassion and caring. As I stood there with tears in my eyes the chiropractor walked in and soon my fears began to subside. Within 2 weeks my little girl had now become a different baby. She would take a bottle and take a soother. She was starting to have naps and sleep longer at night. I checked back in with my medical doctor and said that I had found my answer!Over the years our family has attended here for massage therapy, homeopathy, car accident related matters, falls at the playground and numerous headaches. Most recently I have made it through a third pregnancy and a second child with colic with the help of my chiropractor. Not only do we receive chiropractic care, we receive a host of other fields. Our chiropractors are personal trainers, a friendly ear and coaches to get us through the road of parenting and other day to day catastrophes! What my chiropractor means to me is my sanity! Thank you for your professionalism and constant support!


I started coming here when I was pregnant with our fourth child and experienced immediate relief from the pain in my back. At 3 months of age our son spent 4 days in the hospital and was diagnosed with asthma. At this point he started receiving chiropractic adjustments as well. He has not had any recurring symptoms of being asthmatic since. Gradually our other children started asking questions and wanting to be adjusted. My husband started coming in on a more regular basis when he started running and has noticed fewer injuries since. Our fifth child was born and has been coming in on a regular basis with the rest of the crew. We have definitely been healthier since starting chiropractic care. The adjustments keep our nerves and bodies functioning at a better level than before. Thanks for the excellent care and commitment to her patients – if she doesn’t know the answer she will find out for you! This clinic is truly dedicated to the well being of everyone!
L.B. – Brantford

We have been attending here for a couple years now. Many people do not understand the benefits of achieving and maintaining a balanced spine. It makes sense to ensure that the main “highway” of your body is kept clear of interferences. All nerves and muscles are connected through the spine. My children and I are only too aware of the problems that can arrive when everything is out of whack. Read More

K. is now eight years old and has continued to sleep through the night for the last 2 years. K. has asthma, which is triggered by environmental changes as well as emotional upsets. She has extreme eczema all over her body. She experiences violent reactions to mold and mildew. K. is also allergic to grass and some types of trees. Kate has been hospitalized three times because her skin became massively infected. She has suffered through 3 bouts of chicken pox because her body has so little resistance. K. has food allergies as well. These include; eggs, wheat, peanuts, milk and all milk based products, as well as citrus and red food colouring. We have learned to avoid or at least minimize most of her triggers. The traditional way of dealing with so many ailments proved to be useless as the corticosteroid treatments caused more harm than good. There was no concern for the side effects that K. was exposed to. K. has a “healthy” dislike for doctors and specialists because they did nothing for her.

We have noticed many changes in her health since starting chiropractic care. K. still has eczema, but it has settled down to a few patches of irritated skin instead of head to foot coverage. K’s body has finally developed the ability to perspire and therefore cool itself. This was something she could not do, because of the damage done to her skin by the constant presence of infection and itch. She was always overheating which aggravated the eczema. K. would scratch until bleeding and then keep scratching because bleeding felt better than the itch did. K. ended up attacking her own skin. She does not do that anymore. K. is no longer on any asthmatic medications. K. is beginning to develop a tolerance level for foods she could previously not touch at all. Now that her body is beginning to stay aligned and peaceful, she has been able to learn how to “just be a kid”.

My son S. also has environmental, food and drug allergies. He is not on any medications now. S. has suffered from sinus congestion all his life. This has affected his lifestyle as he could not participate in any sports because of his inability to breathe efficiently. I use to hear comments about how tired he looked at school. He preferred to read at recess because that was a safe thing to do. I do not think he knew what he was missing until he started coming here. S. talks about being able to smell things now and being more energetic. He is not so easily irritated because he has discovered that he can now keep up with his peers in school. S. is developing a greater circle of friends and more willing to get active because he can now breathe better. He sleeps longer at night now and wakes up feeling rested. This year for the first time S. was willing to try out for the cross country running team at his school and was accepted onto the team. S. has put how he feels into his own words:
“Before my family and I started chiropractic care I would have been lucky to run the length of a city block without needing my asthma puffers. Since then I can now run six laps around my school and only slow down once. I am also adjusted to help my nasal congestion. Even if you do not have these conditions, chiropractic care is still a great idea!”

My own life had been put on hold while trying to stabilize my two children. Having to constantly carry a child until the age of seven had put a lot of extreme stress and pressure on my back. I do not have anywhere near the strength I use to have in my arms and back. I usually carried K. in my arms on my right hip and everything on that side got flattened. I am now working on bringing my spine back to its normal upright position. My “highway” (spine and nerves) had become one-sided. We spent years, rocking in my rocker, when she was not on me. I was K.’s only source of comfort and she needed to be physically close to me for many years. Nothing could get me to stop coming because of the gains the three of us have experienced!

S.M. – Brantford

Ten years ago I injured my back at work and was unable to work for several months. After months of physio, I was getting no better and was referred to a surgeon. I was told that I needed an operation and that I should have a spinal fusion but the doctor could not guarantee that it would help. He said that it might even make my condition worse. I was very excited when they told me that they could help me.

Ten years later and three children later my whole family visits on a regular basis. The doctor and her staff have taught our family the importance of maintaining good spinal health. My back has never been better than it is now, and my children often tell me they want to get adjusted. You will often hear them arguing in the waiting room as to who is going to have their adjustment first.
S.A. – Brantford

I have been a patient for 10 years. I started coming here because of a back injury. Coming here was the best health decision I have made in my life. The adjustments I receive make my quality of life much better. I am more in tune with the way my body feels. Chiropractic care promotes healthy living. If it was not for chiropractic care my quality of life would be severely diminished.
P.R. – Brantford

I have been supported for almost 10 years, through many physical and emotional stresses, including 2 pregnancies and most recently cancer treatment. Chiropractic care has enabled me to be as strong and healthy as I can be, and now supports my children as they grow. Regular adjustments helped prevent the surgical insertion of tubes for my son. Thanks to the entire team for being the “backbone” of our health care family! V.F.

We started coming when our son was a very colicky infant. Several people had suggested that we try a chiropractor for him, but since we didn’t know anything about chiropractic care we waited until we were desperate for relief from and for this colicky infant and found it here. C. was like a different baby when we left the clinic, and we always knew when he needed another adjustment.Read More

There would have been days that we could have easily lived right at the clinic to get relief from this child. One day we asked ourselves why we brought our son in for an adjustment and didn’t get one ourselves. So we started as well. I guess we just thought of it as something we were doing for our child and that he needed it more than we did. When our daughter was born we didn’t wait or hesitate to bring her in for her adjustment when she was a few days old. Thankfully she’s a very happy baby! Now we all come to Whole Body Health together for a family adjustment and when we hear of someone with a colicky baby we recommend chiropractic care immediately!

C.S. – Brantford

I have been a patient for 9 years. My adjustments help keep me mobile. After 3 whiplash injuries and a fall down the stairs my chiropractic adjustments keep me from taking pain killers for headaches. I have seen chiropractors since 1970, not consistently until I came to this clinic and the consistency has made the difference. My son sustained a whiplash injury in a car accident and was greatly helped by chiropractic. I intend to remain a chiropractic patient for the rest of my life!
L.T. – Brantford

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